Test Day

What is it like at a CAT testing center?
Watch a video (Flash) of what to expect when you take a TExES CAT test.
What do I need to bring with me to the test center?
You must bring an admission ticket for the test you are taking and valid and acceptable identification document(s) with your name, signature and photograph. Your ID will be checked before you are admitted. ID requirements are in the Registration Bulletin and on this website. For PBT tests, you must also bring 3 or 4 sharpened No. 2 or HD pencils with good erasers. See the Registration Bulletin for information about other items to bring to the test administration for specific tests.
My last name has changed since I registered, what do I do about identification document(s) on test day?
The name on your registration record should exactly match the identification document(s) you will present on the day of the test. However, if you were married or divorced between the time you registered for the test and the day of the test and your registration has your maiden name and your ID has your married name (or vice versa), you may bring a marriage certificate or divorce decree issued between the registration date and the actual test date.