Title II

Title II of the Higher Education Act requires three annual reports on the quality of teacher preparation. Schools of education must report to states the pass rates of their graduates on state certification assessments and other program data in April. States in turn are required to report to the U.S. Department of Education information on certification and licensure requirements, pass rates on state assessments disaggregated and ranked by institution, and other information in October.

Sections 205 through 208 of Title II of the Higher Education Act (HEA), as amended in 2008 (PL 110-315), call for accountability for programs that prepare teachers. Section 205 of Title II requires reports from each IHE that conducts a traditional teacher preparation program or an alternative route to state certification or licensure program and that enrolls students receiving federal assistance under HEA (e.g., Title IV). In addition, states must be able to report on alternative routes to teacher certification or licensure that are operated by entities that are not institutions of higher education, referred to as Alternate Route Organizations (ARO).

A teacher preparation program is a state-approved course of study, the completion of which signifies that an enrollee has met all the state’s educational and/or training requirements for initial certification or licensure to teach in the state’s elementary, middle or secondary schools. A teacher preparation program may be either a traditional program or an alternative route to certification program, as defined by the state. Also, it may be within or outside an institution of higher education. For the purposes of Title II reporting, all traditional teacher preparation programs at a single institution of higher education are considered to be a single program.

Important Dates

9/5/2017   Title II website opens for student entry/update of rollover

11/9/2017  Title II website closes to EPPs

2/5/2018—2/28/2018   Resolution Period: Pass Rate Report available for review and resolution of errors

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